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5 Things You Need To Know About Craft Based Wedding Decorations

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5 Things You Need To Know About Craft Based Wedding DecorationsWeddings are never complete without their ceremony and reception. An important part of the ceremony and reception is the decorations. Yet after buying the dress, renting the venue, and hiring the photographer there may not be much budget for decorations. Yet everybody wants beautiful decorations at their wedding. How to solve this problem? By using simple crafts you can make your own beautiful wedding decorations. Such as candle centerpieces.

Candle Centerpieces Can Be Made By Hand

If you have tables at your wedding reception then you will need centerpieces. Centerpieces come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Candles make for a simple but elegant and affordable item. And they’re easy to make yourself. You can go to any craft store, dollar store or discount department store and find candles at low cost. For each table have three candles. Along one and two short ones. Then by a simple gold or yellow plate. This can be just an aluminum or another cheap metal plate. It doesn’t need to be real gold. You can then glue the candles onto the plate. Then put the plate on each table. This provides a simple but elegant centerpiece. You can also do DIY flowers and feathers.Candle Centerpieces

Assemble Flowers And Feathers By Hand

Weddings and flowers are also synonymous. Yet flowers from a florist are expensive. You might decide to reserve your wedding flowers for just the brides bouquet. And the bridesmaids flowers. For any other decorations that have flowers, you might decide to buy flowers on your own and assemble yourself and your own bouquets. This is something that my wife is done with various parties. We bought the flowers from a local flower shop. And bought bases online from a wholesaler. Then decorated the bases ourselves. When putting the flowers together you might also decide to accentuate them with bird feathers. Peacock feathers are popular wedding decorations and theme. But almost any bird feather you find aesthetically pleasing will do. Besides candles and flowers, you could try your hand with origami.Wedding flowers with feathers

Simple Origami Will Be A Crowd Pleaser

Origami is the art of Japanese paper folding. You have seen origami before. Often in the shape of animals like cranes. And you did simple paper folding as a child in school. But there are many other ways to create origami art. One of my favorite things that I have seen is to create heart-shaped cards that unfold to show a box inside. There are many YouTube videos that will show you for free how to create these types of art. Plus almost any other origami you can think of. I would encourage you to give it a shot because this is a cheap and unique way to add craft-based art to your wedding. As well as pick up a new skill and hobby.Simple Origami Will Be A Crowd Pleaser

Weddings are amazing. One of the reasons why they are amazing is because other decorations. But decorations can be expensive if you have to buy them. Yet with a little ingenuity and elbow grease, you can make wonderful decorations for your own wedding. Even if they’re not perfect they will show to your guests that they’re homemade. And that adds a little loving touch to any event. I hope this article has helped you see how to make your wedding better by stretching your budget by using craft based wedding decorations.

This article was written by Mark Wilcox.

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