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Acorn Garland for the Christmas Tree

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acorn garland

As you may know, we have embarked upon a journey to make little heirloom ornaments for Christmas tree. We try to gather the materials from the outside world around us and work out ways to make them into sweet handmade Christmas decorations. I love watching my children delight in the knowledge that nature gives us so much. With Nature and a creative spirit, we can make enchanting ornaments.

As you may also know, there’s no shortage of acorns around here. Teddy was determined to make something that used ‘Yots of acorns!’ Kitty decided that we could make an acorn garland for our Christmas tree. I think this might just be my favorite Christmas creation yet!

To make our acorn garland for the christmas tree we needed;

* acorns with caps
* string or yarn
* a drill
* a thick needle
* a hot glue gun

acorn garland

We started by separating the acorns from their caps. Acorns are designed to fall out of their caps and so we decided that sticking them into their caps was the best way to keep them from falling off our garland.

Once the acorns were separated from their caps, I drilled a hole through each acorn.

acorn garland

Then, Mr T worked out the puzzle of which acorn fitted into which cap and we hot glued them together.

Sometimes the caps wanted to slip over the holes that I had drilled so we double checked before gluing them on that the holes were showing.

acorn garland

Mr T threaded his thick needle with string and threaded the string through each acorn.

acorn garland

He was too sweet when he told Kitty that he was ‘sewing acorns!’

I was impressed at his perseverance. He threaded each and every acorn on the garland.

And was very proud of his hard work.

acorn garland

Voila! The most delightful Christmas tree garland ever. I can’t wait to string it around our Christmas tree.

acorn garland

Merry blessing and magic,
The Magic Onions

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