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Июн 28 2010

Handmade knitted scarf

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Handmade knitted scarf

Hello! Here's the quick pattern for you, for my Little Squares Scarf. At the end of this pattern, I show you the yarns I used. -Using DK yarn, and a size 5 mm hook, create a slip knot. -Make 4 chain. -Join to first chain made with slip stitch, creating a circle. -Make 4 ...

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Мар 16 2010

Handmade kids toys

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crafted knitted toys Apparently I've long had a thing for bunnies (my kids have so many it's like they're multiplying—a very bunny thing to do I suppose...) but now I know that I've also got a thing for Sammies. I just love that little sock monster! And one of the best things about Rebecca's patterns ...

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Мар 16 2010

Handmade knitted toys.

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handmade toys

Well, I've finally done it! I've designed all my Star Wars amigurumi to my satisfaction, written up the patterns, photographed them, put the patterns together and put them all on Etsy!

handmade toy

I've been working on these little Star Wars guys on and off for a couple of years. ...

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