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Сhristmas paper star

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christmas paper star

Our house is starting to look a lot like Christmas! It’s SUCH fun! I just LOVE the holidays!!!
To add to the holiday ambiance in our home, we made these gorgeous Christmas stars… they bring such magic!

They look so pretty hanging all around! They also look complicated to make, don’t they? The amazing thing is that they are really easy to make… all that you need to make one is two pieces of square paper, a few folds and some glue and, in minutes, you’ll have your own pretty christmas paper star to hang where ever you please.

What you’ll need;
Square paper or card (any size will do… if your paper is not square, cut it into a square before you start.)
Glue (I find glue dots work the best as there’s no drying time)

making christmas stars

Start by folding your square paper in half, making a rectangle…

Fold this rectangle in half again, making a square…

Open your folded square up…

Now fold you big square diagonally (corner to corner), making a triangle…

Fold your big triangle in half again, along the middle, making a smaller triangle…

When you open your paper, this is what your folds look like…
Use your scissors to cut along the 4 folds on the straight sides of your paper. Cut a little less than half way up the fold…

Lie your paper flat, upside down. Fold cut paper back, along the diagonals folds (as in photo) making points at the corners of the paper.

These points will be the points of your star.

Fold all cuts into points.

making christmas stars

Now for the gluing… put a dab of glue (or a glue dot) onto one side of each point of the star…

making stars

Pull the other side of the point over the side with the glue and stick… this makes your 3D star point.

making stars

Repeat for each point…

making stars

One side of your star is ready.

making stars

Repeat all folding, cutting and sticking steps with your second piece of square paper… you will now have the two sides of your square.

making stars

Position them, one on top of the other, with the middle points facing outwards and stick them together using a few dabs of glue or glue dots and…

making stars

Glue your hanging ribbon onto your star.

making stars

Your star is ready for hanging!

christmas paper star

They really do look lovely anywhere… so bright and colorful!We have some in our window, some hanging from our beams and even more decorating our cabinets.

christmas paper star

And they really are easy to make, I promise! Once you make one and get the hang of the folding and cutting, you will be able to churn these pretty christmas paper star out in a matter of minutes. They make very sweet holiday gifts for friends and neighbors too… go on, have a go, make some stars!
Blessings and magic!
The Magic Onions

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