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Christmas tree baubles

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Christmas baubles

Handmade Christmas tree baubles will bring an original and unique touch to the Christmas tree

Cut a 10cm length of wire and six strips of paper (24cm x 1cm).

Make a hole in the centre of each strip and 5mm from each end. Thread the wire through the centre hole, then hook the ends over the other end of the wire. Pinch the ends of the wire with pliers.

Add a tassel by cutting a strip of paper (3.5cm x 24cm) and making small cuts at equal intervals along one edge. Roll up tightly and stick the uncut edge. Attach to the bauble using a thin piece of paper.

Christmas baubles

Paper £2/sheet, Paperchase. Cider jar, from a selection, Heritage Antiques. Baubles, from a selection, Paperchase. Ribbons, from a selection, RE. Votives, from a selection, Graham & Green


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