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DIY Valentine Fabric Coasters

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Today, I want to share a project I made for less than $5. This would make a perfect hostess gift or it’s a cute gift for yourself! It adds the perfect splash of Valentine cheer! :)
Today I made some Valentine cork/fabric coasters.
DIY Valentine Fabric CoastersYou will need some fabric or felt. You can make Valentine, Easter, or no theme coasters…any fabric or felt will do! I just so happen to have pink fabric & left over valentine fabric from last year. I paid $1.75 for my Valentine fabric.FabricYou will also need cork coasters. I found some at the 99 cent store. 4 for a $1. Hot Dog!!! I also had the vintage lace lying around. My mama buys me vintage lace and ribbon whenever she sees it at yard sales, estate sales…etc.DIY

You also need a trusty sewing machine. If you don’t have one, you can always hand stitch.DIY Valentine
Here is what I did for the felt coaster. Cut a square, fold in half and cut a heart out:DIY Valentine

Sew a fabric square onto the cork. It does not matter if it’s straight or not because it will be hidden under the felt.Valentine Fabric Coasters

Place the felt on top, and sew around the coaster edge.Z7
Cut the extra felt off. This is the mess on the back of the coaster. shhh no one will ever know. :)Valentine

Have fun with each coaster. I sewed lace on one, stitched pieces together on another (gave it a quilted look)…just be creative! Here they are all finished and looking pretty:

DIY Valentine Fabric CoastersWell hope you enjoyed! Oh and a quick shout out…to my own website- if you love crafting with cuuutetags, we just posted 16 new sets in our SHOP.

Have a good one!

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