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Heart ”Felt” Tutorial

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Hello–>HELLO! I am back with a tutorial! So this technique for using felt is nothing new. EVERYONE has done it This is just a different spin on it. Instead of using a wreath form that would cost at least $3 (and that is WITH a 40 percent off coupon) I used a heart-shaped plate from the 99 cents store.

So while you are out picking up your plate you also need to stop by Joanne’s and purchase one and a half yards of red felt or pink felt, or split it up and do both red AND pink–>whatever floats your boat. As long as you end up with a yard and half of felt the colors make no difference! Make sure to take your 40 percent off coupon so that you keep your total under five bucks! Okay so as long as you have a glue gun, glue sticks and scissors at home you are set to go! Now comes the tedious part…you need to find a circle template and cut out about a bajillion circles (this is the perfect time to pop in a movie for you and the kids or if the kids are napping catch up on your favorite guilty pleasures!) So I used ribbon spool as my template but you could also use the top of a glass or a coffee mug, it makes no difference. You WILL end up using the entire yard and half.

This is what your circles should look like. Okay so once I had cut up about 3/4 yard of the fabric into circles I took a break and started gluing them onto my plate b/c it helps to see what your beautiful project is going to look like to keep you motivated–>aka, my hand was tired from all the cutting and I desperately needed a break! :) Take one circle and fold it in half like so…

Then fold it in half again…

1. I know I need a manicure–>don’t judge 2. The bottom right hand corner is where you will place your glob of glue and then you will position it on your plate. There is no science to how you do this,the only instruction I will give you is start on the outer edge of your heart and work in or across. Also, I flipped my plate and attached the felt to the BACK of it because the plate had a slight inward curvature and I didn’t want that…

Isn’t that Gorgeous?!?! Like I said, no rhyme or reason to how you place the felt but make sure it’s all close together, no gaps! Here it is completed…

Heart ”Felt” Tutorial

Still thinking of embellishing it in some way but won’t touch it until I am absolutely sure! You could also glue a piece of ribbon onto the back to create a hanger and use it as a wreath in your house or on your font door (which I still might possibly do myself)

Heart Tutorial

Have a wonderful day!

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