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Message in bottle valentine

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Message in bottle valentineIs there anything more romantic than the thought of finding a message in a bottle? It’s noon on Valentine’s Day, and just when I thought I was all crafted out, this DIY from Style Me Pretty has me feeling a second wind coming on strong. I think I just might have the materials to create this mini message in a bottle, but if not, I’ll have to make one last trip to the craft store… this project is too precious to pass up! Keep reading for the instructions…

  • glass bottle with cork top
  • white paper
  • needle-nose pliers
  • scissors
  • red embroidery thread
  • thin wire
  • metal chain(we used leftover chain from an old necklace)
  • red felt
  • needle
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks

Step 1Step 1: Cut a strip of white paper to 1.5″x11″.  Write a secret message to your Valentine.Step 2

Step 2: Roll up the paper and tie with several wraps of red embroidery thread. Cut a small heart out of red felt, poke a hole in it, and tie to one end of the red thread.Step 3

Step 3: Trim the metal chain to half the length of the bottle, and tie the red thread-wrapped message to one end.Step 4

Step 4: Cut a 3/4″ piece of wire and use pliers to curve it into a “U” shape. Slide the loose end of the metal chain onto the loop.Step 5

Step 5: Turn cork bottle top upside down and push the ends of the “U” wire in as far as they will go. Secure with hot glue and allow to dry.Step 6

Step 6: Tuck the message inside the bottle and push the cork back in.  Leave it in a spot that’s sure to surprise your Valentine!

Camille styles

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