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Pom Pom Flowers & Yarn Wrapped Bottles

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 Pom Pom Flowers & Yarn Wrapped BottlesPom pom flowers and yarn wrapped bottles are a great way to add a little something special to your home with spending a dime.  That’s my kind of decorating!There’s no need to run to the store for supplies.  Gather up some of those old bottles you’ve been saving, yarn scraps and a bunch of sticks from the park.  Dig the glue out of the drawer and let’s get started!

This is such a fun project! How can you NOT smile when you’re playing with pom poms???

Start by adding a bit of glue to a bottle {I used tacky glue} and stick your yarn to it.  Add more glue…add more yarn.

Work your way from the bottom slowly wrapping it around until you get to the top.  It takes a little longer than you might think.  I just kept twisting the bottle and trying to keep each row right up against the last one.  I’m sure you can figure it out without a video…ha!

Then you make your pom poms.  I usually do this while watching TV or something.  It’s super simple and you can find complete details on pom pom making in this tutorial I made awhile back.

You can make all one size or mix it up…whatever makes you happy.

Break your sticks to the right size and glue {with tacky glue or a glue gun} your pom poms to the top.

You’ll have a bunch of flowers in no time at all!

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