Фев 10 2011

Simple Valentine’s Day Topiary

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Simple Valentine's Day Topiary

I had a lot of fun putting this topiary together. I first saw the cupcake liner idea on here, and decided to make a topiary instead of a wreath. I found these cute liners at IKEA last year and forgot about them…until today!

I know that everyone uses styrofoam balls, but I didn’t have any. So I balled up some newspaper and secured it with packing tape. Perfect…and free!

Then I began hot gluing the liners to the newspaper ball. Simple as that. The other ball will be used in another project that I will share another day.

I had some flower pots in the shed, so I grabbed one and painted it black, then sprayed it with a clear coat and added black beans to hold the dowel in place.

Simple Topiary

Added a ribbon and some contact paper trim to the pot (cut with my cricut), and I was done!

Valentine's Day Topiary

Thanks for looking!


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