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Дек 09 2010

Big earrings

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big earrings

I have a thing for big earrings, so ever since I saw the Fiskars Squeeze leaf punch in my DT package I’ve been trying to get the chance to make some earrings with it. The Autumn Monday Challenge this week gave me the opportunity!

First I punched 5 pairs of leaves from thick ...

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Июн 27 2010

handmade jewelry — necklaces, rings, earrings

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handmade jewelry rings so do you ever have a day where you feel like you may be drowning a bit?  i am having one of those.  my tiny house is torn apart, my poor dog just doesn't feel well, there was an incident resulting in our sofa needing an emergency cleaning and ...

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Июн 27 2010

Wedding flowers and earrings

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flowers bouquets

Brides whose taste runs a bit rustic should check out the relatively new shop Lilacs and Lace. You’ll find jewelry (not just for brides, mind you), boutonnieres and bouquets and had screen printed cards. The shop is run by a university student studying Graphic Communications who is ...

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