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Дек 15 2011

Acorn Garland for the Christmas Tree

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acorn garland

As you may know, we have embarked upon a journey to make little heirloom ornaments for Christmas tree. We try to gather the materials from the outside world around us and work out ways to make them into sweet handmade Christmas decorations. I love watching my ...

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Ноя 22 2011

Сhristmas paper star

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christmas paper star

Our house is starting to look a lot like Christmas! It's SUCH fun! I just LOVE the holidays!!! To add to the holiday ambiance in our home, we made these gorgeous Christmas stars... they bring such magic!

They look so pretty hanging all around! They also look complicated to make, don't they? The amazing thing ...

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Ноя 13 2011

Pine cone crafts

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We made the most delightful little pine cone crafts for our Christmas tree today... Pine Cone Gnomes. Little by little, we are adding our magic to our handmade ornament collection. In the Waldorf spirit, we try to use natural materials that we find around us. We take a basket on every walk and collect wonderful natural treasures to turn into our own Christmas treasures. It is enchanting to ...

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Ноя 09 2011

Tree decoration ideas

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tree decorations

I can't believe it... this time last year, I hadn't even heard of Etsy! It is totally amazing to me... Etsy is now such an enormous part of my life... I can hardly imagine what I did with my time before I knew of it's existence. If you haven't heard of ...

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Дек 10 2010

Make Sparkly Yarn Ornaments

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handmade ornaments

We have enjoyed decorating our tree this year with handmade ornaments... pretty little treasures we have made ourselves. I can't tell you the joy and pride my children feel when they hang one of their very own decorations on the tree. Instantly, their little creation becomes magical. It's a ...

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