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Мар 04 2016

5 Things You Need To Know About Craft Based Wedding Decorations

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5 Things You Need To Know About Craft Based Wedding DecorationsWeddings are never complete without their ceremony and reception. An important part of the ceremony and reception is the decorations. Yet after buying the dress, renting the venue, and hiring the photographer there may not be much budget for decorations. Yet everybody wants beautiful decorations at their wedding. How to solve this problem? By using simple crafts you can make your own beautiful wedding decorations. Such as candle centerpieces.

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Фев 10 2011

Simple Valentine’s Day Topiary

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Simple Valentine's Day Topiary

I had a lot of fun putting this topiary together. I first saw the cupcake liner idea on here, and decided to make a topiary instead of a wreath. I found these cute liners at IKEA last year and forgot about them...until today!


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Фев 09 2011

Valentine Heart Hoop Art

Valentine Heart

I find it kind of unbelievable that I do not have one single piece of Valentine decor. Well we can't have that! LOL So I decided to make this pretty Valentine Heart Hoop Art.

I wasn't sure at first how it would turn out but I think it looks kind of ...

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Фев 09 2011

Red Heart Paper Quilling

Red Heart Paper Quilling

Let's just say there have been way too many snow days lately. This week has just been crazy and I feel like I haven't even got anything done! The other day we were stuck in the house while it was dark and rainy, so I decided to try ...

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Фев 09 2011

Heart ”Felt” Tutorial


Hello–>HELLO! I am back with a tutorial! So this technique for using felt is nothing new. EVERYONE has done it This is just a different spin on it. Instead of using a wreath form that would cost at least $3 (and that is WITH a 40 percent off coupon) I used a heart-shaped ...

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