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Ноя 23 2011

Yarn wreath

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yarn wreath

Last May, my best friend sent me an image of a handmade wreath that she made for her mom.

I thought that hers was so lovely, I would take a stab at making one as a gift - yarn wreath for my mother on her birthday. Erin told me that to create a smooth ...

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Ноя 17 2011

Wreath craft ideas

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wreath ideas

Mens' Tie Wreath

I was paging through one of my mom's Good Housekeeping magazines (she's been a faithful subscriber since my childhood in the 80s) and I found some wonderful wreath ideas, some of which are made from recycled or natural items. These are a far cry from the plastic grocery bag wreaths that I remember ...

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Ноя 07 2011

Wool wreath

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white wreath

Wool wreaths are all the rage in craftblogland, so I decided to try making one. I went for a white wreath look to hang on the mirror above my mantel.

I got my foam wreath form from Michael's. They only had one in stock and it was broken, so ...

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Дек 21 2010

Christmas wreath decorations

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As Christmas is getting closer and closer we begin thinking about how to decorate our home. Christmas wreaths are usually most important things on the list of items that we must buy, beside Christmas tree and the inevitable christmas presents.


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Дек 14 2010

Larissa Albernaz Little Wreath

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Today Larissa shows us how to make this super cute wreath using Cosmo Cricket Mitten Weather:

Little Wreath


Newspaper Cosmo Cricket Mitten Weather papers + ready set chipboard Adhesive Hot Glue Glue Scissors Acrylic Paint Brush Stickles Round base to mold Instructions To make that wreath you need to start rolling up opened newspaper sheets as shown in the picture....

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