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Valentine Heart Hoop Art

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Valentine Heart

I find it kind of unbelievable that I do not have one single piece of Valentine decor. Well we can’t have that! LOL So I decided to make this pretty Valentine Heart Hoop Art.

I wasn’t sure at first how it would turn out but I think it looks kind of cool, and Daniel agrees with me so it’s a keeper.

Valentine Heart Hoop Art

Want to know how I made it?

8″ embroidery hoop

1 yard felt



linen (just big enough to fit into your hoop)

needle and thread

The first thing I did was draw a heart on a piece of paper that would be small enough to fit inside the hoop. Then I ironed my linen and and placed it on top of the paper with the drawn heart. I used almost white linen so I could see my drawing through the material. I lightly traced the shape of the heart onto my fabric and then I secured the fabric in the hoop.
Next I cut the felt into a million (maybe not that many but it sure did seem like it) 3″ circles. I cut out two at a time to move things along.

After all the circles were cut out I folded each circle in half . . .

and in half again.

Valentine Heart tutorial

I secured the circles one by one to the fabric filling in the heart shape I drew. To do this I used my needle and thread and sewed the point of the folded circles to the fabric, starting in the center of the heart and working my way out to the borders. I altered the direction of the folds every so often.
Finally I added some ribbon for hanging and another as a bow and hung it on the mirror over our mantle.

I love the texture of it and the deep red color!

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