Ноя 23 2011

Yarn wreath

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yarn wreath

Last May, my best friend sent me an image of a handmade wreath that she made for her mom.

I thought that hers was so lovely, I would take a stab at making one as a gift — yarn wreath for my mother on her birthday. Erin told me that to create a smooth appearance, she wrapped the wreath with fabric first. Then she wrapped it with yarn and used carefully applied hot glue to keep everything together. I followed her same basic steps, but I used stick pins to secure the ends of the fabric and yarn (only on the back, non-visible side). I hate working with hot glue!

yarn wreath

yarn wreath

I had a lot of fun making this Yarn wreath for Mama, and the embellishment possibilities are endless! What an excellent way to de-stash!

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  1. Carrieon 19 Ноя 2012 at 01:06

    LOVE IT! I saw the picture and thought that would be great for my grandma!


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